How it Works


meridian_manclearFrom a Chinese perspective, human beings are born of the marriage of Heaven, the Yang, the energy that moves things; and Earth, the Yin, the material world. When this matter and energy, or yin and yang, are balanced inside us, a special life force of qi (pronounced “chee”) energy is produced and moves freely, creating a healthy, harmonious internal environment. We are then able to interact in a balanced way with the world, which is seen as the basis for a happy life.

At various points in our life, beginning in childhood, stresses, injury and illness begin to affect us, weakening our system and blocking the balanced flow of our life force, or qi. When this progresses far enough, symptoms appear which are labeled in our culture as specific diseases.

Seen from the Chinese point of view, real healing and the restoration of health and happiness will not occur unless the underlying tensions and weaknesses are addressed. These root problems are found in the five “elements” of life that make up the cycle of health: WATER – which correlates to the water, fluids and neurological systems of the body; WOOD – the growth, repair and immune systems; FIRE – the energy of consciousness and circulation; EARTH – the digestive and blood building systems; and METAL – which deals with air, inspiration, minerals and elimination.

Together we will discover the elements of your ecosystem that are out of balance, and work to restore harmony using acupuncture, adjustments in lifestyle and other Chinese Medicine techniques.


Your life energy, or “qi” of your body (more subtle than the electrical energy it produces) runs along particular circuits or pathways called meridians, with access points that have been known for thousands of years.redlillies These pathways of energy connect both to structure, such as bones, muscles and tendons, and to internal organs, such as heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, spleen, sexual system, etc. With correct diagnosis we begin to discover where your blockages and problems with the free flow of energy exist.

Over time, even chronic and complex problems and illnesses can be unraveled as the flow of qi energy is restored by the insertion of tiny needles into the points where they are needed, reopening channels, and restoring flow, so symptoms gradually disappear. Acupuncture can also help you with emotional problems, stress and issues of the spirit such as depression and anxiety. As daily, seasonal and yearly cycles pass, your body, mind and spirit can strengthen instead of weakening, and phrases such as, “I guess it’s just aging” will disappear from your vocabulary.