Fertility, Birth, & Post Partum




acupuncture-fertility-nycFrom the young and healthy to the older and reproductively challenged, women and men are seeking support with fertility difficulties. In this expanding field, it is widely known that acupuncture increases success rates.

Call us and let us know your situation: whether you’ll be working on your own, with a partner, with or without western protocols like IVF, doses of fertility enhancing drugs, etc. We can help you prepare for any approach.

We interface with the latest fertility techniques and western protocols, preparing both you and your partner’s energy optimally through treatment and lifestyle changes and follow your newly impregnated self through the early stages of implantation up until commencement of labor, and later with any nursing and post partum issues.

Stephen has experienced a high rate of success in this challenging field and incorporates his personal insights and experience along with classical approaches and treatments.

ACUPUNCTURE AND PREGNANCY: Transitioning Through Trimesters

Nature often takes over during pregnancy, balancing the mother’s energy. However, each trimester has its challenges. Morning sickness is a symptom of adaptation to pregnancy which often is helped by acupuncture; as well as mood swings, low back pain and the myriad other symptoms which may appear.

ACUPUNCTURE AND BIRTH: Assisting the miracle

acupuncture-pregnancy-nycPositioning the baby
Starting labor
Breach baby
Post partum and recovery

These challenges can be very effectively treated by acupuncture, and can be done with both long term or new patients.

Normal Birth After Caesarian – Acupuncture can be very effective for realigning energies if the previous birth was Caesarian, allowing for a normal birth this time. In these cases, it is best to be treated before and during the pregnancy, leading up to labor.

Positioning the baby – research has shown that acupuncture is so effective in turning babies into position that the treatment is now being taught to western MD’s as well. It requires from one to four or five treatments, and partners can be taught to assist at home.

Induction of Labor – If labor is late, or if water has broken and labor not commenced in a timely fashion, acupuncture can often get it started, with one or several intensive treatments. Once begun, it generally continues right into delivery.

acupuncture-birth-nycInducing labor can be done with both long term or new patients.

Breach Baby – Often requiring a C-Section, a breach can frequently be turned using acupuncture, and is a valuable tool where there is little that western treatment can do.

Delivery – Acupuncture can help with the pain and challenges of delivery. Assistance with delivery is determined on a case-by-case basis for appropriateness, based on the mother’s wishes and assessment of response to treatment during pregnancy. Treatment with delivery often makes the use of drugs for dilation and pain unnecessary, giving the mother a more natural, worry-free experience and in some cases can help avoid a caesarian delivery.

Post Partum and Recovery – After birth, a mother’s milk may need to be started, and blood loss may need to be replenished. Birth is a dramatic change of situation, and may bring on post partum exhaustion and depression; acupuncture is a completely natural, safe, non-medicated way to deal with these problems, and is generally very effective.