buddahClassical Chinese Medicine is a complete, continuous system that has successfully diagnosed, healed and prevented diseases for over twenty-three centuries.

While it can remedy your ailments, more importantly Chinese Medicine corrects the physical, emotional, mental and spirit imbalances that cause symptoms to arise.

Working with you as an individual, both symptoms and the root cause of disease are addressed, leading over time to a restoration of health, improved immunity, youthful energy, emotional balance and openness towards life.

Classical Chinese Medicine includes Acupuncture, Qi Gong and Tai Chi massage and guidance in lifestyle and diet. It is a powerful non-invasive system which unravels illnesses, increases fertility and wellness, gives strong support during Western procedures such as surgery and cancer treatment, speeds healing; and supports a balanced body, mind and spirit. The Chinese concept of spirit includes the emotions and the qualities of will, self-respect, inner direction and the joy of life. All these aspects can be treated by this thousands of years-old tradition.